Show at Hard Luck Bar November 17-2016

New Album Out Now
September 26, 2016
Opening for Edensong and Imminent Sonic Destruction
April 9, 2017

Show at Hard Luck Bar November 17-2016

Half Past Four have been invited to open this Toronto prog rock show, with great bands (u) The Band (Toronto) and Bodhi Jar (London, Ontario).

Hard Luck Bar
November 17, 2016
772a Dundas St W, Toronto
Doors open at 8pm
$5 cover

Toronto prog rock show

More about the headlining bands:

(U) is a band that must be seen to be believed. Hailing from Guelph Ontario, most of the members have been playing together since 1997; prior bands include Jerrycan and Sinister Trailer Park Magic. Rufus joined the band in 2009 after an 8 year run with the band M.S.G. (U) has toured Canada, most of the US and Europe playing over 1500 shows from backyards and community halls to major festivals and stadiums.

After ten years of playing in a punk rock band (Jerrycan) the band decided to shift gears and start a project called Sinister Trailer Park Magic. They signed on to a semi-major label and recorded their first album, which ended up taking two years to release. When the album was finally released the label went under due to poor record sales and as a result the album was heard by few. Internet downloading, you know the story.

Frustrated, the band decided to go back to the studio to write and regroup. Four years later the band has written over seventy five new tunes, trying them out in small venues across Canada and receiving great reviews show after show.

Refreshed and teaming up with GAIN Music to help with bookings & promotions, twelve tracks have been selected for the new album slated to come out in late 2013!

Keep an eye on our page for tour updates! The band is set and ready to hit the road again!


Bodhi Jar II London Ontario

We tread not in the footsteps of the masters
We seek what they sought.
In a time where the industry is saturated with more product than music, four individuals came together from a place long forgotten. A place where music is more than a paycheck, more than a stepping stone but a true expression of the soul.
Bodhi Jar is not the product but the vessel. In 2013, four separate energies from four distinct pasts converged to carve their own path through the universe. Andrew Bragg, Drew Merrifield, Anthony Borek and Dakota Noreiga became the four pillars to this Progressive Rock sound.
When your only ambition is creation you delve into a place of purity. A place where inspiration resides and imagination reigns.