Constantin Necrasov

What drew me to progressive rock - Constantin

  • Guitar

Constantin Necrasov was born and raised in Tiraspol in the former USSR. Eventually becoming classically trained to level 5, Constantin first picked up the guitar at the age of 9.

“I wanted to learn how to play some songs I’d been listening to on my dad’s vinyl,” he recalls. “Beatles and what-not. And he played guitar as well so he taught me the basics – chords, how to solo, how to hold my left hand.”

As a teenager, he soon started writing original songs. “Very emotional and angsty.”

“What drew me to progressive rock is the technique,” he says. “The skill of the musician. I started off with traditional 60s British then slowly into Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and the first wave of heavy metal. Then into ‘metal’ metal. By the time I was in my 20s, I was rediscovering Pink Floyd again. And I was more informed by then and that’s kind of what stuck with me the longest.”

The shift into progressive rock also heralded for him a shift in development.

“I’ve kind of stopped writing songs,” he admits. “Because of the way we’ve been working as a band. Very rarely do you bring something that’s good enough start to finish. So it’s either a riff or a phrase. Odds are that if I involve everyone else in the band, it will become better than if it’s just me driving at that one idea that I have.”

Having been a member of countless bands through his teenage years and early 20s, Constantin is a big proponent of group dynamics.

“There’s more people who will critique it,” he says. “There’s more people who won’t let stuff slide. You’re never executing it by yourself. Everyone else is playing it as well. So it might as well be everybody’s participation in creating it.”

Among his musical influences are The Doors, Pink Floyd, Adrian Belew, Frank Zappa and Kraftwerk. When not playing guitar with Half Past Four, he can be found tutoring guitar and building and repairing musical equipment.