Kyree Vibrant


  • Vocals

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Kyree is as much a visual artist as she is a musical artist. She studied Film, Television and Media Arts at Sheraton College and has directed nearly all of the band’s music videos. She took the first steps of her musical path with the piano and vocals. She joined the band in 2005.

“I was taking singing and piano lessons when I was 9 or 10,” she recalls. “I come from a musical family – my mom’s a singer, my dad plays piano, my siblings play various instruments. So musical expression is in my blood.”

Upon moving to Toronto, her entry into the music scene was serendipitous.

“I was doing a gig for the Chinese New Year at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. And that’s where I met members of the Chronic Harmonic, a band fronted by local artist and filmmaker Chris Minzz, who had just decided to leave the band. So they were looking for a new singer and they brought me on and we became the Angry Shoppers. It was like progressive cartoon pop.”

Also a student of classical opera, it was initially jazz and lounge music to which Kyree gravitated, genres that exquisitely suited her wide vocal range.

“John Alcorn used to invite me to sing jazz songs when he’d play with Sandra Caldwell in venues all around Toronto.”

Before joining Half Past Four in 2005, Kyree wrote and produced four original solo albums of different musical genres. She has written music and scores for three award-winning/nominated films, Jack and Jill (2000), Love Is Work (2004) and, with Half Past Four, The Mad (2006).

“I like to express myself with prog-rock, more than any other genre,” she declares. “I love the story quality. I love the places that it goes. It’s an adventure. It’s got twists and turns. It’s constantly ever-changing and that keeps me interested.”

“What I came to understand about myself a while ago,” says Kyree, “is that I just need to sing. And I love writing music. I love writing lyrics. I love poetry. And writing stories. All of that is satisfied within the context of this band.”