Ravenheart Music

March 22, 2010
Dave, Ravenheart Music

Half Past Four hail from Toronto and draw inspiration from King Crimson, Jethro Tull and many other progressive and art-rock bands. Their style is hard to describe and pigeon hole, with experimental arrangement, fusion composition, polyrhythmic structures and atonal melodies not uncommon in their music. To put it simply and to the man (or lady) in the street, I would call this album Jazz/Progressive Rock.

This release is very different to the kind of music I would normally listen too, but I will say this, Half Past Four is good. The quirky ‘Missing Sevenths’ kicks things off, being followed by the awesome and very progressive ‘Johnny’, that showcases Kyree Vibrant’s amazing vocal style. ‘Southern Boogie’, is almost reggae flavoured, and is one of my fave tracks, offering a great sax solo too. ‘Twelve Little Words’ sees Kyree belting it out, proving what a good voice she has. The instrumental ‘Lullaby’ kinda reminds me a little of Pink Floyd at times, and actually is one of the rockier moments on this record. Then we have the cool ‘Strangest Dream’, while ‘Biel’, running at over 8 mins almost goes operatic at the start. ‘Dwayne’ is another quirky one, while overall, an interesting album this certainly is, which ends with my all out favourite, ‘ Rabbit’ – “Kill the Rabbit” sings Kyree!

The type of music (with interesting lyrics as well) I would sit down and listen too with a bottle of wine. I have heard that this band is awesome live, but we possibly here in the UK will have to make do with the album for the time being, so check them out at www.halfpastfour.com and part with your hard earned cash.