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Below is a sampling of several reviews we have received.


For the album Good Things:

…this is the tightest sounding recording that Half Past Four have released.  There are moments of happy Zappa which switch to dark Crimson overtones in an instant.  The band has managed to bring all of their different ideas and influences to the table and pick out the best bits as a team. Everyone had plenty of shining moments on this record and the overall flow of the album is very harmonious. TOTAL SCORE: 9.6/10

Raya P. Morrison,

The Scene Magazine, Toronto


…Half Past Four is a real proof that Progressive Rock still can have high quality and not just regurgitate old clichés. With high doses of good imagination and humor, excellent musicianship, great songs and a brilliant vocalist Half Past Four will get there, trust me!

Diego Camargo

Progshine Podcast, Portugal


…’Good Things’ being an album which positively brims with a gentle, well placed confidence, while never being less than thoroughly engaging…They say Good Things come to those who wait. Well, it would be fair to suggest Half Past Four’s patience has been richly rewarded.

Steven Reid,

Sea of Tranquility, UK


…The dozen songs cover a lot of ground and the band sound like they’re having fun creating music that they want to hear based on their own tastes and influences….Another very likeable album that builds on Half Past Four’s strengths… It is still quirky and odd but overall makes for an uplifting affirmation of positivity that refuses to descend into sappy sentimentality. Just great stuff. Like Sweden there seems to be something in the water in Canada!

Jez Rowden,

Dutch Progressive Rock Page,  The Netherlands


…Half Past Four can be counted among the trailblazers of what I call the “new frontier” of progressive rock – a 21st-century take on the “art rock” form associated with such diverse acts as Roxy Music, David Bowie, 10cc, Steely Dan and Supertramp.

Good Things achieves an admirable balance, coming across as a mature, highly entertaining album that is already poised to become one of the year’s undisputed highlights.

Raffaella Berry,

Fire of Unknown Origin blog


For the album Rabbit in the Vestibule:

Quirky art rock taking its cues from the likes of Frank Zappa and Gentle Giant and blending it with a tad more mainstream-oriented strong melodic themes is what is offered up on this debut production by Canadians Half Past Four. Innovative in approach, sophisticated and challenging numbers fill up this disc from start to finish.

Olav M Bjornsen


….The style is hard to describe since there’s really no restrictions or boundaries on the direction. This allows the band to explore, sometimes within the same song. In fact, each song goes through many changes from melodic to complex and back. Never the same combinations. It’s almost as if the band, while having influences, set them aside and created 13 tracks that make up the album.

…I would strongly recommend the listener to set aside the 63 minutes without distractions, preferably with headphones to experience the magic.

Half Past Four and its debut, Rabbit In The Vestibule, shows that modern progressive rock bands can still be inventive and not pigeon-holed in any of prog’s sub-genres. This is by far one of the better releases from 2008, that truly needs more exposure outside their native land.

Ron Fuchs


…Not only is this startlingly good music but the band are genuinely proud of their prog heritage and the acts that have influenced them… Quirky but accessible. Tricksy yet polished. Furrow-browed musicianship with cheeky humour. Art rock presentation powered by punk energy. Prepare for a roller coaster of styles and influences, free spirits playing with immense poise and precision…

Jez Rowden,

Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP)


There’s something inherently sexy about a progressive rock band with a female lead vocalist, and Half Past Four has that in spades: Kyree Vibrant is the clear star of these proceedings, with a voice that can be gentle and seductive as well as strong and commanding…”Biel”, at just past eight minutes, demonstrates the band’s potential for epic arrangement and instrumental prowess to match Vibrant’s charisma.

As Rabbit in the Vestibule is the group’s debut, it’s fair to expect even greater things next for this very promising contemporary progressive act.

Raymond Benson

Progression Magazine


As a reviewer, every once in a while I come across a CD that is so unique and original it is difficult to categorize. I have to say Rabbit In The Vestibule is one such recording…The music is complex enough to satisfy hard core progressive rock fans yet accessible enough to have tremendous cross over appeal for those leaning towards pop and rock. Fans of classic 70s progressive icons like King Crimson, Genesis and Jethro Tull will appreciate the band’s angular yet melodic approach to songwriting. The lyrics have a quirky sense of humour and the music has a certain playfulness that fans of Frank Zappa will appreciate…

Jon Neudorf

Sea of Tranquility


…one thing is certain, the band has very much a style of their own….A band that most of all shows that progressive rock music has many faces! Most of all a face with a smile on it. Thumbs up!

Henri Strik

Background Magazine